Landscape Replacement

The church is replacing the previous white pines with nine varieties of trees to provide color and texture to the landscaping. Stay tuned for updates as the installation progresses. It’s going to be pretty!!

Want to donate a tree?  Your financial donations will support the establishment of the church landscape replacement.  A financial donation of any amount will be appreciated.  Please see the flyer for specific tree prices, which can be found in the Narthex or viewed here:  Landscape Donation 2021.  You may donate in Memory of or in Honor of a loved one, or in Honor of a Special Occasion. A color drawing can be viewed in the Narthex or in the pictures below.

Make Checks Payable to: Gloucester Point Baptist Church & Note “Trees” on the memo line. Place your clearly printed form & donation in the labeled box located in the Narthex or you can mail it to the church, P.O. Box 305, Gloucester Point, VA 23062.  Please contact Paulette Ashe at 642-3251 for questions.

June 18, 2021: Seeding and straw blowing

June 17, 2021: Final grading and straw preparation

June 12, 2021: Property marker dug out by Buddy Hogge – in the center of a Cherry tree stump!

June 12, 2021: Plants installed!

June 2, 2021: Plant installation team hard at work!

June 1, 2021: Plant installation Team – Buddy Hogge, Robert Hendley, Ted Fisher and Michael Hudgins

May 28, 2021: First plants installed – Spruce & Nellie R. Stevens Holly

May 22, 2021: First plants arrive!

May 15-16, 2021: Soil prep

May 13, 2021: Soil prep – top soil and compost arrive

May 8, 2021: More roots removed and top soil arrives

May 1, 2021: The stumps after grinding

May 1, 2021: Concrete sidewalk complete behind Fellowship Hall Expansion

April 30, 2021: Stump grinding in progress

April 24, 2021: Ted loads the roots to haul away!

April 18, 2021: Root removal in progress

April 17, 2021: Large lateral roots being removed

April 16, 2021: Concrete forms for back sidewalk behind Fellowship Hall Expansion

April 10, 2021: Getting Ready!

March 31, 2021: The church approved the landscape plan, soil preparation, and correction of drainage issues. A color drawing can be viewed in person in the Narthex.

Nancy Dransfield served as the Landscape Architect.

The landscape plan includes Spring-flowering Camellia, Carolina Blue Sapphire Cypress, Needlepoint Holly, Nellie R. Stevens Holly, Curly Leave Japanese Privet, Little Gem Magnolia, Spruce, Carolina Beauty Crape Myrtle, and Fosteri Holly.


Dave Crummet, Barry Milligan, and Ted Fisher worked to clean-up the surface debris from the tree removal. They raked the equivalent of 2/3 of a football field and hauled it away!

March 21, 2021: Church rear property

Drainage issues have developed in the front corner of the parking lot.

In late December 2020, the White Pines were removed.

Dominion Energy removed the overhead power lines and installed two transformer units on the property on the church office side in late December 2020.

Gloucester Point Baptist Church rear property has been surrounded by large white pines since the early 1980s as shown in the pictures below.